The Peaks Of Valor By Edgar Albert Guest

The Peaks Of Valor

These are the peaks of valor; keeping clean your father’s name,
Too brave for petty profit to risk the brand of shame,
Adventuring for the future, yet mindful of the past,
For God, for country and for home, still valorous to the last.

These are the peaks of valor: a speech that knows no lie,
A standard of what’s right and wrong which no man’s wealth can buy,
All unafraid of failure, to venture forth to fight,
Yet never for the victory’s sake to turn away from right.

Ten thousand times the victor is he who fails to win,
Who could have worn the conqueror’s crown by stooping low in sin;
Ten thousand times the braver is he who turns away
And scorns to crush a weaker man that he may rule the day.

These are the peaks of valor: standing firm and standing true
To the best your father taught you and the best you’ve learned anew,
Helpful to all who need you, winning what joys you can,
Writing in triumph to the end your record as a man.


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