The Man I’M For By Edgar Albert Guest

The Man I’M For

I’M for the happy man every time,
The man who smiles as he goes his way,
Whether he’s up or whether he’s down,
I ‘m for the man with a grin, I say.
I ‘m for the man who can bear his woes
With never a grumbling word or frown,
Who, smiling, gathers the rue or rose —
There is the man that you can’t keep down.

I ‘m for the cheerful man, heart and soul!
His is the hand that I like to grasp;
Who tunes his voice in a merry key,
Not files it down to a bitter rasp.
I ‘m for the man who can take the cards
Just as they ‘re dealt by the hand of fate,
And, good or bad, play an honest game
With a lifted chin and a smile that’s great.


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