The King, My Wanderer – Magtymguly Pyragy

The King, My Wanderer
Lovers are khans and sultans for everybody,
The king of the throne of the heavenly body, my wanderer,
I will cover distances searching for it,
I won’t know which one; give me a message, my wanderer.
I suffered so much on this path,
Having gotten exhausted, I became miserable,
I brought with me Shibli, Mejnun,
Pyahlivan Piryar, Veyis, my wanderer.
I’ve inquired about her blossoming garden and flowers,
Their color faded due to severe wind,
She is very sad due to the unfaithful world,
Menewshe is mourning, my wanderer.
Neither am I in a mood to play or have fun,
The enemy won’t let me come directly,
To meet and see my beloved in a secret place,
You have the sign of a friend, my wanderer.
My mind is full of thoughts days and nights,
I’ve spent all my time in this state.
Oh, Lord, if only you could share your bowl,
And just tell me the price for it, my wanderer.
If you show your love of the creator, Kadyr Suhan,
You will make me, the poor man, happy,
The mourning of a man in love has filled,
The entire world, the entire universe, my wanderer.
Magtymguly will say: the bones are yours,
The body is yours, the veins are yours, the blood is yours,
For its value the brain and soul are yours as well,
So, please, hold the bowl to my lips, my wanderer.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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