The Kindergarten Miss By Edgar Albert Guest

The Kindergarten Miss

The little kindergarten miss,
Source of all my joy and bliss,
Every evening in the window
Waits and watches just for me;
Waits and watches for her daddy,
And I see her waving paddie
As I hurry, hurry homeward
In the twilight joyfully.
Then when I have snatched a kiss
That sweet kindergarten miss
Cries: ‘Now, daddy, come and see it,
Come and see what I have made!
Here’s a picture frame for you,
Made of paper, white and blue!’
And I look upon her labors
Half exulting, half afraid.

Oh, you kindergarten miss,
You have made far more than this,
You have made my heart beat faster
Than it ever beat before;
As your little work you ‘re showing,
You have set my eyes to glowing,
And my tears will start up flowing
In another minute more.
Though this picture frame of blue
Doesn’t now mean much to you,
Little kindergarten lassie,
It’s a treasure rare to me!
And those fingers that have made it,
On my heart have also laid it,
And your face is in the center
For the god of love to see.


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