The Hill-Side Men By Dora Sigerson Shorter

The Hill-Side Men

O were my heart a little dog
I’d call it to my side
To hold it with a silken lead
And would not be denied.
For O it wandered far from me
By mountain, vale and glen,
How glad it marched the weary miles
Amongst the hill-side men!
Ah, were my heart a singing bird
I would not let it free,
It dare not dream of sunrise skies,
Or chant of liberty.
For, ah! it sprang cloud high to sing
From mountain, vale, and fen,
When first it heard the secret drums,
The hearts of hill-side men.
My hopes are lost, my dreams are fled;
How lone are vale and fen!
My heart lies cold within the grave
That holds the hill-side men.


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