The Hasar Mountains – Magtymguly Pyragy

The Hasar Mountains
The Hasar Mountains are high,
Their slopes are full of antelopes,
Hunters will find plenty of game there,
If they go to the Hasar Mountains.
The Hasar Mountains have their own paths,
He, who sees them will admire;
You can see the most beautiful women,
If you take a walk in the Hasar Mountains.
A mountain is the sultan of the earth,
It has created a treasury within its slopes,
One should know, the land of three hundred
And sixty saints is in the Hasar Mountains.
Nomads settled down there,
The snakes are in their service,
Everything grows in its valleys,
For those who look for it in the mountains.
The lions and tigers roam there,
Wild mountain deers stealthily looking,
It is difficult to reach its top,
Even if you climb the Hasar Mountains sweating.
Magtymguly says that these mountains
Have been burnt by the fire of love,
If you are in love you will enjoy your time,
Staying in the Hasar Mountains.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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