The Green Fields Of Fate Were Fully Grown By Hafiz Shirazi

The green fields of fate were fully grown
While the new moon’s sickle hung in the west.
I remembered the crops I had sown
It was now time for my harvest.
I said O fate, when will you awake?
The sun is up, it is now dawn-break.
Said, you have made many a mistake,
Yet keep hope and faith within your breast.
If like the Christ, this world you depart
With integrity and with a pure heart,
Your brightness will give a new start
To the sun, even shinning at its crest.
Don’t seek your guidance in the skies
It is deceitful, though it seems wise.
It helped many kings majestically rise
Then brought them down at its own behest.
Though many jewels and rings of gold,
Necks and ears of many elegantly hold;
All the good times will one day fold.
With a clear mind listen, and a beating chest.
Don’t sell the harvest that you reap
In the market of love, for so cheap;
For the moon, a nickel you keep,
And for the stars a dime at best.
From evil eyes may you be freed;
Fate rode the sun and moon’s steed.
Hypocrites ruin their own creed and nest
Hafiz leaves without his dervish’s vest.
© Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, Ca
April 15, 1999
مزرع سـبز فلـک دیدم و داس مـه نو
یادم از کشته خویش آمد و هـنـگام درو
گفتـم ای بخت بخفتیدی و خورشید دمید
گـفـت با این همه از سابقه نومید مشو
گر روی پاک و مجرد چو مسیحا به فلـک
از چراغ تو بـه خورشید رسد صد پرتو
تـکیه بر اختر شب دزد مکـن کاین عیار
تاج کاووس بـبرد و کـمر کیخـسرو
گوشوار زر و لعل ار چـه گران دارد گوش
دور خوبی گذران است نصیحت بـشـنو
چشم بد دور ز خال تو که در عرصه حسن
بیدقی راند که برد از مـه و خورشید گرو
آسمان گو مفروش این عظمت کاندر عشق
خرمن مه به جوی خوشه پروین به دو جو
آتش زهد و ریا خرمن دین خواهد سوخت
حافـظ این خرقـه پشمینـه بینداز و برو

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