The Flame of My Beloved – Magtymguly Pyragy

The Flame of My Beloved
Oh, what shall I do, the flame of my beloved,
Has started a fire in the town of my soul?
I am all surrounded by mist,
My beloved is probably angry.
She might not be part of humankind,
All the fairies of Paradise and young men bow their heads before her,
She is happy, her braids touch us,
I am afraid of the snake -like braids of my beloved.
Diamonds and rubies are on the neck of my beloved,
Even fate cannot help being charmed.
The pomegranates ripened on the chest
Of my beloved are hidden from my eyes.
This is what puts lovers on fire,
The tears of Mejnun have melted,
The fairies of Paradise are
Servants and friends to my beloved.
Oh, old man, the wound of your heart started hurting more,
You, poor man, are the one whom she desires,
Magtymguly—the honor and envy
Of your beloved with no happiness.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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