The First Easter By Edgar Albert Guest

The First Easter

Dead they left Him in the tomb
And the impenetrable gloom,
Rolled the great stone to the door,
Dead, they thought, forevermore.

Then came Mary Magdalene
Weeping to that bitter scene,
And she found, to her dismay,
That the stone was rolled away.

Cometh Peter then and John,
Him they’d loved to look upon,
And they found His linen there
Left within the sepulcher.

‘They have taken Him away!’
Mary cried that Easter Day.
Low, she heard a voice behind:
‘Whom is it you seek to find?’

‘Tell me where He is!’ she cried,
‘Him they scourged and crucified.
Here we left Him with the dead!’
‘Mary! Mary!’ Jesus said.

So by Mary Magdalene
First the risen Christ was seen,
And from every heart that day
Doubt’s great stone was rolled away.


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