The Failed Fate – Magtymguly Pyragy

The Failed Fate
Many young men came and left this world,
Their fate has failed their dreams.
Everything goes wrong due to unlucky fate,
He, who was happy in the morning, isn’t laughing anymore.
The angel of death will tailor grave-clothes every day,
It is such a misfortune; this hunt will never end,
It will bring down an endless number of people,
Those, whom we saw today, didn’t stay until tomorrow.
Take my advice, listen to my words,
The world’s face is like a changing home.
When the angel of death comes, a person’s eyes close,
We‘ll never know whether he came to this world or not.
Where is Feridun, who split the world into four,
Harun who built the wealthy palace of Humayun,
And Karun who filled forty cities with gold,
Whose eyes had been filled with sand, but never satiated with gold.
Magtymguly is amazed, he is looking around,
Oh what a miracle, fire is coming out of water,
A good son will become a source of endless blessings,
A son who brings disgrace would be better if he were unborn.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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