The Eminence Is Yours – Magtymguly Pyragy

The Eminence Is Yours
The son of the leader Fath, the time has come for you to govern,
This time of happiness is yours again,
The old state will bring you new happiness,
Your path is the path of eminence, of leadership.
All, blessed by Ilyas, in the waters wrapped in clouds,
All, blessed by Kowus, in the mountains wrapped in mist,
The city in the desert blessed by Hydyr,
All the riches created by the Almighty are yours.
You will bury with gifts your close ones and strangers,
Your fate will ruin all who come with ill intentions,
Your treasury — diamonds of Jahangir,
Badahshan mines and rubies – all are yours.
He, who confronts your anger will turn to dust,
He, who confronts your mercy will reach the heavens,
The throne of eminence suits you,
Feridun’s unique fate is yours.
The bows built on the thrones of Samarkand,
Like Mahti you withstand the devastation,
Like Suleyman, you can make the water obey,
Like Alexander the Great, the river crossing is yours.
If you march toward the east, you’ll reach Khorosan,
First you will conquer the Kurds, then Yazyr Khan,
Iraq and Isfahan will be also conquered by you,
All the cavalry of Dagestan is yours.
My words will not be wasted, they will become true,
My look is alchemic; it can turn copper into gold.
The state invaded by the Persian will become yours,
Now all dreams of this world are yours.
The young men will be protecting you
Hydyr, Ilyas will lead your horse in the race,
Eleven imams will provide you their support,
Imam Ali will rein your horse.
Magtymguly says, it won’t wake on its own like Rome,
It is strong like Alexander the Great; it won’t be defeated, won’t be crushed,
Like mountains it won’t shake, like a river it won’t go back,
This land, the land of Yomut and Goklen, is yours.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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