The Christmas Spirit By Edgar Albert Guest

The Christmas Spirit

IT’S HO for the holly and laughter and kisses,
It ‘s ho for the mistletoe bough in the hall!
Was ever a season so jolly as this is?
No, this is the jolliest one of them all.
The season of loving and giving and dancing,
The season of mirth and of hearts that are true,
The season of eyes most bewitching, entrancing —
It’s ho, Merry Christmas! A welcome to you.

With loved ones about us to laugh at our follies,
The patter of feet in the hallways above,
A ring at the door — now deserted are dollies —
All rush to greet callers and shower them with love.
What turbulent romping! Was ever such shouting
So dear to the heart and so sweet to the ear?
Away with all fretting, repining and doubting,
Ye, ho, for the Christmas so brim full of cheer.

Away with you, Trouble! Our armor of gladness
You can’t penetrate with your arrows of fear;
Away with you, Sorrow! Away with you, Sadness!
Our walls are defended this morning by Cheer.
A fig for your frowning, Old Gloom, and your grouching,
No pessimist enters our castle today;
And should to our doorway a Kill-Joy come slouching,
We’ve sentries of Cheer who will drive him away.


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