The Bright Side By Edgar Albert Guest

The Bright Side

KINDER like to see the bright side,
See the gay and dancing light side,
See the good and decent right side
Of the worst that happens me;
For the gloomy and the glum side,
And the ‘worst-is-yet-to-come’ side,
And the ‘fate-is-going-some’ side
Any pessimist can see.

Kinder like to take my troubles,
Come they singly or in doubles,
As a boy does blowing bubbles,
In a hopeful sort of way;
Kinder like to look around them,
Sorter wistful like and sound them,
And eventually surround them,
‘Till once more I ‘m feeling gay.

Oh, this thing that’s known as worry,
That brings grouches in a hurry,
From your side will quickly scurry
If you keep a lifted chin;
If you’ll look your worries over,
Something cheerful you’ll discover,
You will get one breath of clover,
And once more you’ll wear a grin.


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