The Best of Months – Magtymguly Pyragy

The Best of Months
Twenty four hours in twelve months,
The best of months is called the month of Ramadan,
During the time of protection, on the earth,
The best of the houses is the one highly respected and glorious.
Oh, Creator, your miracles are endless,
Your wonders are awesome,
Oh Lord, it is a secret not easy to understand,
You put the best of waters into darkness.
A crow does not belong among tall trees,
When the songs of nightingales sing among the flowers,
Behind the earth, in wealthy mountains,
The best of the caves is the one taken by the dragon.
If you find time and plead to God,
Your mind will be astonished to see such insanity.
Your heart will be broken; your body will be in pain,
If the jackal gets the best of the hunt.
Passion has burned me down, my soul is ill;
My sufferings are too much; failure is my only fate.
This is a tradition coming from ancient times,
A hedgehog usually gets the best melon.
If you know the language of a predator, it will become your friend,
Don’t take the true deeds of your neighbor as misdeeds,
If you are smart enough, try to hide the misdeeds,
And spread the good deeds of a noble man.
Magtymguly, this is the time when
Good-natured people cry and meet ill-natured persons,
Like the brothers of Joseph who thought,
He was not worthy of the best of places.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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