Than Eternal Life, Union Is Better By Hafiz Shirazi

Than eternal life, union is better
O God, give me that, which is better.
Cut me with a sword, and I said no word,
From foe keeping friend’s secret is better.
In this path to die enslaved to the Lord
Than all the world, that Soul is better.
Ask healer of my painful discord
Will this invalid ever get better?
In shade of the spruce, the rose that was floored
Than ruby red blood, its dust is better.
O pious ones, with heavens I’m bored
Than paradise, this garden is better.
O heart, always, in His alley beg and hoard
He, who commands eternity is better.
O youth, with the advice of the old be in accord
Than youthful luck, old wisdom is better.
No eye has seen a gem that soared
That of the pearl of my ear is better.
Though from “Zendeh Rood” elixir of life poured
Than Isfahan, Our Shiraz is better.
Though friend’s words sweetness stored
Than those words, Hafiz’s is better.
© Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, Ca
October 23, 1999
وصال او ز عـمر جاودان بـه
خداوندا مرا آن ده کـه آن بـه
بـه شمـشیرم زد و با کس نگفتم
کـه راز دوست از دشمن نهان بـه
بـه داغ بـندگی مردن بر این در
بـه جان او که از ملک جـهان بـه
خدا را از طـبیب مـن بـپرسید
کـه آخر کی شود این ناتوان بـه
گـلی کان پایمال سرو ما گشـت
بود خاکـش ز خون ارغوان بـه
بـه خـلدم دعوت ای زاهد مـفرما
کـه این سیب زنخ زان بوستان بـه
دلا دایم گدای کوی او باش
بـه حکـم آن که دولت جاودان به
جوانا سر مـتاب از پـند پیران
کـه رای پیر از بـخـت جوان بـه
شبی می‌گفت چشم کس ندیده‌ست
ز مروارید گوشـم در جـهان بـه
اگر چـه زنده رود آب حیات اسـت
ولی شیراز ما از اصـفـهان بـه
سـخـن اندر دهان دوست شـکر
ولیکـن گفـتـه حافـظ از آن به

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