Temporary – Magtymguly Pyragy

Even the eyes capable of finding a black hair on a black stone,
Will worsen, because your eyesight is temporary.
Whoever comes to you, does not come for a treat, don’t make your face sour,
He doesn’t need your bread; he needs your cordial welcome.
Times are hard, roads are long,
When young men meet, and if they talk,
Colorful flowers will blossom in spring.
They will blossom just one season—they are temporary like guests of spring.
How great are jobs, how secret are deeds,
What fresh air in mountains, what tall trees,
Sixty colors and seventy kinds of fruit,
Will leave the trees, they are temporary; they are all guests of fall.
If a young man does not have a sword and a horse,
Keep this in mind, he has no zeal,
The older you become, the weaker become your bones,
The strength of a young man is temporary in his knees.
The Earth is a good place for you,
But it is full of sufferings and violence,
No matter how long you live, it will end with death,
Our sweet soul is temporary in our body.
If you remember the Lord and fear him,
Satan will come and won’t leave you in peace,
Don’t boast of your beauty, young youth;
You will become older—beauty is temporary, a guest on your face.
Magtymguly says, I always think of people,
I think of death with fear in my eyes,
No matter how long you will live in this cruel world,
The son of Adam is temporary, a guest for five days.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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