Tears Are Flowing – Magtymguly Pyragy

Tears Are Flowing
The fog of grief is taking over my poor soul,
I cannot help crying, my tears are flowing.
Someone, taking mercy on me, asks about my state,
But seeing how depressed I am is giving me more pain.
Despite the efforts to increase the fire of love,
Death will be easier than a separation from a friend,
A separation threw me away from the mountain of patience,
A separation is taking my joints apart.
Initially my life went wrong due to Fate;
It has drained my bowl of sufferings and ignited a fire,
Love has burnt me down, it became too much,
And my heart is striving to free my body.
I was lying peacefully making plans,
My soul has been inspired with the desire to see my beloved,
Seeking God’s assistance in fulfilling my wish,
My eyes are looking at those roads.
Magtymguly, I am still strong enough, let me have my say,
Let me make my grief evident to my friends.
Oh, friends, I have nothing to do but cry,
I am being burned down with love, I am on fire.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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