Spring Is Nigh, Spring Is Nigh By Rumi Balkhi

Spring is nigh, spring is nigh
Beautiful spring has come by
The whole world is green and fresh
Tulips raise their heads up high.
Listen to the Lily, sweet Basil
Lily in ten tongues speaks so well
Watch the waters and the dusty fields
How colors and shapes multiply.
Flowers try to understand
How they were estranged in this land
One claims to be joyously pleased
From that land joys have come, why?
Jasmine asks Cypress with a glance
Why such intoxicated dance?
Cypress whispers in its ear
With a gentle friend I now lie.
Narcissus conveyed with a wink
How thus smile and drink
Flower said, yes I do laugh
My beloved is nearby.
Spruce said the difficult path
With King’s grace has no aftermath
Each leaf that has sprung up
A lustrous blade, as I espy.
Poppy adorned the green field
Truths clearly themselves revealed
Elegant flower from sheer joy
Scattered petals, with the wind fly.
Many, many came to such a feast
Basil, Narcissus, flowers of the East
To every fruit bearing tree
A million blossoms themselves tie.
From Shams-e-Din-e Tabrizi
Came the wine, refreshing, easy
Like a dear royal mother-of-pearl
Each drop of wine would satisfy.
Translated By: Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
October 26, 1998

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