Speech Of Nikumbha And Vajra-Hanu By Valmiki

Speech Of Nikumbha And Vajra-Hanu

Then arose the brave Nikumbha,-Kumbha-kama’s son was he,-
Spake his young heart’s mighty passion in his accents bold and free:

‘Need is none, O mighty monarch, for a battle or a war,
Bid me meet the homeless Rama and his brother wand’ring far,

Bid me face the proud Sugriva, Hanuman of deepest wile,
I will rid thee of thy foemen and of Vanars poor and vile!’

Rose the chief with jaw of iron, Vajra-hanu fierce and young,
Licked his lips like hungry tiger with his red and lolling tongue:

Wherefore, monarch, dream of battle? Rakshas feed on human gore,
Let me feast upon thy foemen by the ocean’s lonely shore,

Rama and his hermit brother, Hanuman who hides in wood,
Augad and the proud Sugriva soon shall be my welcome food!’


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