Soul Is in Inspiration – Magtymguly Pyragy

Soul Is in Inspiration
The Soul is king of the body,
Each word is an inspiration.
On the throne of seven climes,
Each of them has its own function.
The ups and downs of mountains,
The migration of so many people,
The instability of the world,
Is on the will of fate.
Is there one who’s been left behind in this world?
It sounds true to me, but false to you,
One white and one black snake,
Are at the service of Suleyman.
Their backs are from emerald stones,
Their forefathers are powerful like camels and their brothers are like rhinos,
With a golden throne and diamond crown,
Courageous beys are his guards.
The months, the epochs will pass by,
The palaces built will grow old,
If the souls meet their beloved ones during the day,
At night they will see them in their dreams.
Three fourths of it is water and oceans,
The remaining fourth is the earth which is full of problems.
Oh, Lord, who knows,
How old this world is?
Magtymguly says support is needed,
Death is an arrow, fate is a bow.
The world is like an unfaithful woman,
Surrounding all of humankind.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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