Showing off Their Clothes – Magtymguly Pyragy

Showing off Their Clothes
Oh Muslims, the source of the materialistic world
Is in the habit of showing off clothes to each other,
Whimsicalities are peculiar to young men, whereas girls are coquettish,
And wrestlers are in search of a fighting field.
Death has put its arrow into its bow,
One never knows when one will penetrate your soul.
Having chosen involvement in the fight,
Your life won’t be able to last long.
You are surrounded by an iron trap,
The lion of death is lying there in expectation.
Whereas you are sleeping soundly in peace,
Your bad fate is waiting with its sword in its hand.
Not being ashamed of the Lord, having reached the age when your beard is gray,
The tongue is never tired of gossiping, nor are your teeth from eating haram.
If you are involved in good deeds, do things you think you are worthy of in shelter,
Don’t be lazy, lying there moaning and groaning.
Everyone will have to see that last breath of reckoning,
There is no way of escaping the death ordered by the Lord,
Мagtymguly, there will be no shortcomings at all,
If a man confronts his death having embraced his belief.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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