Shouldn’t I Prepare – Magtymguly Pyragy

Shouldn’t I Prepare
There is no trust in life, nor continuation of the soul;
Shouldn’t I prepare all I need for life in the Hereafter?
I am a slave with no other place to go,
Shouldn’t I agree with the wish of the Almighty?
My dear friends, one cannot know the secrets of Suhan,
My only hope is to be blessed in my wish to acquire the best traits of a real friend,
Having put the load of hopelessness on the back of the camel of life,
Shouldn’t I whip it up, guided by my zeal?
Burning in the torture of poverty, I dream about all that could be granted to me,
If I could water the tree of deficiency with my tears,
Shouldn’t I give away my hypocrisy, arrogance,
And greed to the plunderers?
The boat of my dead body is being washed by the water of mercy,
If I can cross the cliff of divine service with honors,
By cherishing the bird of my spirit, the game of my soul,
Shouldn’t I hunt from the forest of thoughts?
Magtymguly, what’s the use of eating and drinking?
Your spirit will leave your body and your flesh will abandon your bones,
Your eyes will be unable to see, your tongue will be unable to speak,
Shouldn’t I express my mind, while my tongue is still alive?
Magtymguly Pyragy

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