Short Story – With a Little Help

With a Little Help

I was sitting in a train, waiting for it to start. Across from me sat a small boy, asking questions as children do. He asked his mother,

“When will the train start?”
I saw my chance and volunteered to answer. I said, “The train will start when we start pushing.” The child opened his big eyes in surprise, “Really?” “Of course,” I said. “Unless we push, it doesn’t start.” “Then let’s push,” he exclaimed.

“Just a minute,” I said. “The passengers are not all on. I’ll tell you when to push.” I watched for the signal light at the station and heard the station master’s shrill whistle. Then I shouted to the boy, “Now! Push for all you’re worth.”
He and I started to push in the direction of the engine. We pushed and pushed against the back of the seat…. and soon a contented smile lit up the boy’s face. The train was moving … very slowly at first, but then gaining speed little by little.

I congratulated the lad on his success. “We DID it! We DID it! “Wasn’t that great?” he exclaimed. He looked immensely pleased with himself. He was travelling in a train he had helped to start. I did not have the heart to tell him about the monstrous engine chugging up in front. Eventually he would find out for himself…

We usually attribute great success to our little actions, forgetting that behind them all is that almighty unseen power called God, whose power often makes us look powerful.