Short Story – There is always Something Good in Whatever Happens

There is always Something Good in Whatever Happens

There was a king who once went to the jungle for hunting . He was accompanied by one of his ministers .
While the minister was trying to arrow down a peacock , he happens to hurt the king’s index finger unknowingly .
The king turns very furious . He decides to maroon the minister deep in the forest . Doing so, he starts off to his palace .

On the way , he encounters some tribal inhabitants . They immediately take custody of the king and prepare him for a ritual sacrifice .

While just about to kill the king ,one of them notices the king’s bleeding finger. He informs this to all his fellowmen .
They then let the king go ,saying that an incomplete life can not be given as a sacrifice to the God .

The king realizes that the mistake committed by the minister has now saved him . He goes back to the minister ,
narrates to him what had happened , apologizes and thanks him . The minister being very optimistic ,
says that its he who has to thank the king for marooning him . Bewildered, the king asks what for he is thanked ?
The minister replies that if he had not been marooned by the king , the tribals would have killed him for being perfectly healthy . Saying so, the minister concludes that there is always something good in whatever happens . Lets look at the better part of things .