Short Story – Positive Vision

Positive Vision

One teacher had two disciples.

One of them had an auspicious positive vision and he always sought out good points from anything he observed

while the other one had an inauspicious vision and always found out some negative or faults from his observations.

One day, the teacher went out to a park with both the disciples and while wandering in the garden, they came across a mango tree from which some ripe and juicy mangoes were hanging. On seeing this, the teacher thought to test both of his students. Therefore, he called them beside him and asked them to observe the tree full of mangoes very carefully. Then, he asked the first one,

“My dear child, what do you think of this mango tree?”

The disciple answered instantly, “Teacher, in spite of people hitting this tree with stones, it gives us sweet and juicy mangoes.

It feels hurt but still it gives us fruits. I wish all human beings learn this important message from the mango tree to share their belongings even if they have to suffer for this.” After that, the teacher asked the same question to the other disciple,

“My dear child, what do you think of this mango tree?” The student aggressively answered,

“Teacher, this mango tree is no good and will not give mangoes by itself but only when we hit it with stones and sticks.

Therefore, we should hit it hard to get sweet mangoes from it. That is the only way to get these mangoes.

It is also clear from this tree that in order to get good fruits from others, we need to be violent and only when we become violent,

then and only then will we get happiness.”

Teacher was delighted with the answer given by the first student because he had an admirable vision and

appreciated the tree with positive vision while on the other hand the second student’s answer dissatisfied him because he saw the tree with negative vision and insisted on learning the wrong way of getting fruits in life.

He showered his blessings on the first disciple whole-heartedly.

So, even though the situation is same, it still depends on how we interpret it,

which shows our mental status and the way we think of others.