She Will Be Shy – Magtymguly Pyragy

She Will Be Shy
Mengli, my lady, veiling her face with a sleeve,
Expresses her shyness on seeing us.
Stroking her hair and walking with grace,
Expresses her shyness on seeing us.
Beloved, please, listen to what I say,
Your black curls adorn your beautiful face,
Your black eyes, lined with kohl,
Express your shyness on seeing us.
Wearing green and red, my love
No one would guess her dreams,
Charming both the Yomut and Ahal, she
Expresses her shyness on seeing us.
My fate won’t react to my call to move on,
There is no wealth to give to you,
My request to show her face,
Will make her turn away, expressing shyness.
Mengli, my lady, give us a chance to meet,
The lady of ladies, my sweetheart,
Pyragy says: my soul and belief would not
Be enough, and she will express her shyness.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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