Shahs Will Not Abide – Magtymguly Pyragy

Shahs Will Not Abide
Oh, poor man, don’t be sad,
The rulers will not abide,
Imposing and magnificent cities,
As well as white buildings won’t abide.
If a tongue becomes speechless,
A soul is a diamond, a body is clay,
A nightingale with its thousand songs,
As well as tall mountains won’t abide.
I’ve understood one thing,
The seven continents will collapse
The earth will become twisted,
Mountains will melt and won’t abide.
If there is an ordinance from God,
There is no way out and no remedy,
The sky, the Sun and the Moon will shudder,
The stars won’t abide as well.
Neither lands nor the countries,
Neither Turks, nor Kurds,
Neither birds, nor wolves,
Creatures with wings won’t abide.
Neither dust, nor twister,
Neither courageous, nor staunch,
The elephant, the mosquito and the rhinoceros;
Predators won’t abide.
Magtymguly, those ancient rivers,
That witnessed hard times,
And were once abounding in water,
Those rivers won’t abide as well.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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