See What There Is in It – Magtymguly Pyragy

See What There Is in It
Let’s travel around this world,
And see what there is in it,
The tall buildings built by Iskender and Jamshid.
Its forests are full of lions and tigers,
Grass and flowers, as well as young mountains,
We can also see their dew-damp meadows,
Creeks and springs with mild water flowing down.
The Creator created everything from nothing,
Mountains exist from long ago,
When asked they will tell you about Noah,
We can see ancient games as well.
Rejoice, the transient world, rejoice,
Neither the joyful nor the sad will be left behind,
We can see snow and rain, covering the Milky Way in the sky,
As well as eye-pleasing springs.
Haze round their peaks will not disperse,
It won’t turn to fall on to the ground with the time passing,
They will never age, nor die, nor get lost,
We can see the Gorganly Mountains.
Not a single building will remain unseen,
We will see gardens filled with fresh air,
Where lovers once sweetly strolled in,
Where parrots, nightingales had built their nests.
Magtymguly, is there one who will not die?
The angel of death has never been satiated, and the soil never got full,
The sky will never fall down, while the Earth will turn upside down,
The Sun will set and the Moon will appear.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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