Ruined – Magtymguly Pyragy

Oh, my dear friends, this crazy world,
Has ruined all my good days,
This sham, this unfaithful world
Has deprived me of my joyful time.
A young man is in need of a beloved first,
An unintelligent man will find no friend,
A brave young man lonely from the start,
Is subject to a trial by cruel fate.
I have no one to hear my sufferings,
My lions and wolves turn into foxes,
My beautiful country turned into ruins,
The Kizilbash devastated it.
My destan has abandoned me,
I feel as if my soul has left my body,
My beloved Mengli with tears in her eyes,
Has set up a fire deep inside my heart.
A strong wrestler is left with no fame,
The time is like this, what can be done?
A young man offering himself,
Has caused pain inside my heart.
Magtymguly, keep your tongue,
They will twist your straight waist,
Don’t cause trouble for your people,
All of them showed their trust.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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