Resembles a Horse – Magtymguly Pyragy

Resembles a Horse
A hill in the outskirts of the village,
Resembles a saddled horse;
Foolish men will resemble,
A bad letter written in gold.
This world resembles a river without a bottom,
It will get you drowned, be aware.
Don’t be proud of your wealth,
It will come and go in turns.
The one with no brother is powerless,
The one with no son has no wealth.
The one with no wife has no pleasure;
Even good days will resemble grief for him.
The bad brings no benefit,
The one who is good-natured will do no harm,
Riches of this world do not comprise wealth,
Only a son will be your real wealth.
Pepper and salt for a new wound,
Would be like a poison to life.
A mean wife to a good husband,
Resembles an endless slander.
Her bed resembles the one of the snake,
Her embrace resembles one of a dog,
A good wife of a mean husband,
Resembles a cheap jewel.
Magtymguly, hopeless,
Everybody is happy, but I am not.
He who doesn’t understand the meaning of words,
Resembles a dog without a tail.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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