Open The Door To Yet Another Initiate By Rumi Balkhi

Open the door to yet another initiate
Offer some wine, his drunkenness accelerate
You had closed the doors to the upper rooms
Came the command from yet a higher estate.
You who have fulfilled all my desires
Yet another desire, my heart infatuate.
Your beautiful face is another country
The curl of your hair yet another state
Such country and such state I shall seek
Till government takes yet another trait.
Every dawn the rising sun, Thy slave
At your feet yet another time will prostrate
With praises of Thee and those in Thy Court
This world, itself yet another time elate.
How joyous the time that I silence my voice
Spirit’s voice my soul with joy inflate.
I shall pack my bags, leave this world for that
Witness the order that Thou will create.
Translated By: Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
September 28, 1998

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