One Will Look for His People – Magtymguly Pyragy

One Will Look for His People
Someone who has been separated from his homeland,
Will moan and groan looking for his people.
Someone who has lost his way,
Will take pains to find it.
In the sky the fate turns round,
On earth the people are in despair;
What a reckless world it is,
Everyone is in search of fortune from the moment he is born.
Someone has a crown of gold,
Someone is a wonderer in need,
Someone is completely poor,
Some look for silk and carpets.
Someone hasn’t got bread to eat,
Someone hasn’t enough storage for it,
Someone cannot find a robe to put on,
Some people are in search of raw rice to eat.
This world is a high hill,
Some alive and others nearly dead;
Everybody is engaged in something,
Each tries to find his own way.
Time is long but life is too short,
Spring comes first of all four seasons,
The goose flapping its wings in the sky,
Will search for a lake with its eyes.
Magtymguly, you in your sound mind,
Living with tears running down,
Your crazy soul in high spirits,
Will be considering thousands of wishes.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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