Old-Fashioned Folks By Edgar Albert Guest

Old-Fashioned Folks

OLD-FASHIONED folks! God bless ’em all!
The fathers an’ the mothers,
The aunts an’ uncles, fat an’ tall,
The sisters an’ the brothers.
The good old-fashioned neighbors, too,
The passing time improves ’em,
They still drop in to chat with you
Whene’er the spirit moves ’em.
The simple, unaffected folks
With gentle ways an’ sunny,
The brave an’ true
That live life through
An’ stay unspoiled by money.

Old-fashioned folks, of solid worth,
On them a benediction!
The joy an’ comfort of the earth,
Its strength, without restriction.
The charm of every neighborhood,
The toilers uncomplaining,
The men an’ women, pure an’ good,
Of fine an’ honest graining.
The plain an’ open-hearted folks
That make no fad a passion,
The kind an’ fair
That do an’ dare
An’ are not slaves to fashion.

Old-fashioned folks, that live an’ love
An’ give their service gladly,
An’ deem their neighbors worthy of
Their help when things go badly.
The simple sharers of our joys,
Sweet ministers in sorrow,
They help the world to keep its poise
An’ strength for each tomorrow.
The simple, unaffected folks,
That live for all about ’em,
God bless ’em all,
This earthly ball
Would dreary be without ’em.


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