Oh, You, World – Magtymguly Pyragy

Oh, You, World
The day will come when ships well-travelled,
will be turned over with your order, oh, crazy world.
If no one ever comes to see you,
You will mislead him saying that the wealth is here, oh, this world.
You might be aware that whenever your breath stops,
The step you take forward will turn into a grave,
You will lay a road across a man, oh, world,
Who is unaware of the life around.
There is no peace or patience, no end to it for you,
You won’t kill your thirst even if you drink blood day and night,
First you will give us honey to gain our trust,
One day you will poison our food, oh, you, world.
You will come with no notice and threaten me,
You will spend your time by doing good and evil,
One day will mix the poison with our meal,
Deceivingly you give honey first, the crazy world.
Seasons go round, winter, spring, summer and fall,
Mountains, seas and plains, all, appear good in every season,
We also go through these changes too in the end,
You will be left all by yourself in the state you are, oh, you, world.
You killed many; more were swallowed,
You have swallowed the soul of Allah’s prophet Mohammad,
You have swallowed Croesus and Aaron, Solomon,
This is what you do, this is certain, oh, you, world.
You have caused endless pains to the son of Adam,
All, young and old, wander on your way,
You are like a female donkey in the state of heat,
Your bosom is full of grief, oh, you, world.
Magtymguly, you won’t be aware of the secrets of this world,
The people whom we see today, you won’t leave until tomorrow,
You keep on eating for so long, but do not satiate,
Oh, you, falling, collapsing and barefaced world.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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