Oh, It Will Be Blocked – Magtymguly Pyragy

Oh, It Will Be Blocked
If God is willing, I shall go on a long journey.
Oh, without his blessing, the path I am to take will be blocked,
I’ll go out unto the deserts as a bewildered Mejnun,
There I’ll definitely choose you, mountains, to be my place of settlement.
I’ve passed the days of youth in joy and fun,
And thus reached the period of maturity,
My soul started shaking with the sufferings of this world,
My entire body got overwhelmed with mountains, one higher than the other.
Distancing myself from the thoughts about my childhood,
I’ve approached the edge of maturity.
My head stuck in mud, there is no way out,
Oh, I remember the times that have passed.
He who had a desire to try all four directions,
Not being aware, engaging in evil deeds,
Becoming weak when getting old,
Oh, he will be regretting and shedding tears.
Those who learned their lesson from the words of Magtymguly,
Will fall into deep thought and tears will start flowing from their eyes,
All things will find change by themselves,
Oh, my God, why are these mountains not falling?
Magtymguly Pyragy

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