Oh, Beys, My Time Has Passed – Magtymguly Pyragy

Oh, Beys, My Time Has Passed
Oh beys, at dawn I passed a path
Through the tall mountains,
Oh beys, I walked by torrents
Once seen by the saints.
Oh beys, I saw geese resting in the lakes,
Listened to the pleasant melodies,
Embraced young women and girls,
With so much pleasure and joy.
Oh, beys, crossing my land on the back of a gray horse,
I enjoyed the fragrance of sweet basil in the morning,
I have shared with the poor
All the gold and silver taken from the shop.
Oh beys, travelling with good intention in my heart,
I never got off from my horse of wealth,
I emptied forty bowls of sweet waters
From the spring of Köwser.
Oh beys, being a wretched man I was wandering around crying,
My heart was burning with fire,
Look! Now I have wings raised and
I have reached the skies.
Oh beys, covering myself with the mud of Köwser,
Like an arrow to the bow of your eyebrow,
I hope the time will come, when
I reach my beloved, at her place in Paradise.
Oh beys, the people who came here will ask about me,
The people whom I taught will be grateful to me,
At the age of twenty
I suffered much from love.
Pyragy says, I am like an arrow,
Look, as a palace in this world,
Oh beys, look and know that today
With time passing, I set down like the Moon.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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