O God, Give The Players Sweetness And Weal By Rumi Balkhi

O God, give the players sweetness and weal
And for the tabbla, give them hands of steel.
For their love, they sacrifice every limb
Of limbs O God, please give them a great deal.
These messengers of love filled our ears
Grant them seeing eyes and thy Royal Seal.
These lovebirds sing and cry out their love
Grace them with the patience that would heal.
In thy praise, they have filled many ears
You too praise their praise and their zeal.
They quenched the thirst of heart’s flower
Let the full moon in their skies reel and wheel.
I am silent, please speak to me thy will
For they say you give thus, and thus steal.
O God, all I ask for in both worlds
Like Shams, let me shine, be and feel.
Translated By: Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
May 24, 1999

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