Not Worthy of His Dream – Magtymguly Pyragy

Not Worthy of His Dream
So many people’s fate is in poverty,
It is not worthy of a good dream you see in sleep.
So many people suffer to find a piece of hard bread,
But they will never try this tasty treat.
For those who ask, I could say I have fire in my body.
There are so many words worth more than a hundred tumen.
Springs without rain, plants and grass
Are not worthy of a winter passed with joy.
There are smart men, who wear felt headwear,
They will provide you the meaning if you urge them for it,
Many fools that are wearing fancy clothes,
Are not worthy of a turban, tied around their head.
If you say words of prayer to someone who has no idea,
Even if you put the Prophet’s hadis in front of them,
Even if you put thousands of words into their head,
These words wouldn’t even touch the outer parts of their ears.
If children hurt their parents,
God will not forgive them until they repent,
When the time comes, they will not know what to be engaged with,
No one is capable of being good at every job.
So many people will not find wealth, thus be poor,
So many people will be overwhelmed by their richness in this world,
So many people will be worth nothing in their youth,
So many people will not be worthy of the years they lived.
Magtymguly, praying is my real devotion,
My soul is confused; I have committed a lot of mistakes.
There are men that are worth more than the thousand tumen you gave them,
There are people who are not worthy of the food they are treated to.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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