No Problem – Magtymguly Pyragy

No Problem
You know, a coward is the one who always answers
Your requests by saying, “No problem!”
If you need to do something urgent,
He will never be found to help you.
He’ll twirl his moustache, pulling it to the sides,
He will try to show that his efforts are stronger than a tiger’s,
He will roar like a thunderstorm, blasting his throat,
But only after the dish is ready to eat.
He will growl like a lion at the meal,
He will bray like a donkey inappropriately,
Every fox will boast like a lion,
Over the dead bodies.
Don’t leave a body in the desert,
Even more so, don’t reveal the secret;
Don’t exaggerate, stand for your words,
A battle is not a piece of bread on your teeth.
If they say, “Saddle up, saddle up!”
A hyena will eat carefully chewing bones.
When the enemy is close, be braver,
Keep no curse on your beard.
The conscience will never be lost,
It is obvious that a good nature won’t be lost either.
These words will not affect animals,
But a man will keep them in his ears.
Magtymguly, there will be a battle,
All secrets of a young man will be revealed.
Brave men will either kill or be killed,
For the sake of their friends.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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