No One Knows Where It Begins or Ends – Magtymguly Pyragy

No One Knows Where It Begins or Ends
To defend its honor, the tribes of Goklen and Yomut
Gathered such an army, that no one knows where it begins or ends,
The desert Deshti-Dahan had not space enough to hold it,
One won’t know its paths or the lands it stopped.
If crows attack it, its falcons will fight back,
Mountains and rocks tremble at its threat,
Even the dead will wake up and fight against those who are alive,
One won’t know its lions, foxes or wolves.
Three thousand of its soldiers carried spears,
Four thousand of its elephant riders are capable of crushing the castle,
If Salyr and Teke tribes will join from the top,
One won’t know the enemy’s courage or cowardice.
All Sunnis will gather together to defend their dignity,
They will demolish fortresses, and destroy gardens,
Their giant-like forces will conquer the city of Isfahan,
No one knows whether the number of the conquered cities will be three or four.
Magtymguly, this battlefield is the field of Ali,
Look, what will be the deeds of Omar, Osman,
The earth and sky is full of the horses’ breath,
No one would know where the Khorasan’s soil used to be.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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