My Soul Regrets – Magtymguly Pyragy

My Soul Regrets
Zubeyda, my poor, listen to me,
My soul regrets something.
My eyes are bleeding,
Look at the soil; my blood stayed there.
My nightingale, I am suffering.
Happy days of love have passed;
The knife of separation hit me.
My beloved Mengli stayed behind shedding her tears.
The days that passed have turned into a dream,
I wandered around, being ashamed of my people,
Look, my body is emptied;
I feel as if my soul is in the grave.
My sufferings increase with every passing day.
I did not live a happy life in this world;
I worked hard, and suffered much,
The only thing I left behind is the destan I have written.
Cruel fate, unfaithful fate,
You have challenged many souls.
My flower, earth, the sky, an angel,
Oh, my moon-faced beloved stayed behind.
Magtymguly, you feel ashamed,
Nobody will listen to your complaints,
Oh, my Zubeyda, if you fill your eyes with tears,
I left my store behind with no goods in it.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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