My Soul – Magtymguly Pyragy

My Soul
Oh my soul, that died before the Angel of Death came, wake up from the darkness!
Having lost hope in this world, plead to the Creator, oh my soul.
Only a brave one can please this poor soul of mine,
My soul that smiled at whomever it saw has fallen into the bottomless river,
The soul is transient; this world is transient, wrap yourself with grave clothes, my soul,
Fill it with words until it is full of them, my soul.
Listen to the words of scientists, get their advice,
Get up and raise your hands in prayer to your Lord,
Pick up and carry the challenges of this transient world tying them on to your back,
Only brave ones can do this, so be brave, stand up and carry,
Be worthy of a mature person, stay away from liars,
Go to the burial of an honored pir, and repent by falling onto his dust, my soul.
I have such a love that is sixty times stronger than that of Mejnun,
I have enough strength to teach Perhat for forty years,
If only I succeed to go and see my Lord with a fire in my heart.
Oh, how I wish to have my dream fulfilled with the overflowing of our Lord’s river of bounty.
If you lose your soul in this world, you will not be able to get it back once lost,
Only a brave one can please this poor soul of mine.
Read your prayer at dawn to get the blessing of the angel,
What’s the use of slumbering, and forgetting your Lord.
Even thousands of riches won’t give you access to the entire wealth of the world,
Put on the gown of a dervish, go get mixed up with crazy men,
Otherwise you will remain lonely, lost and sad,
Let your deeds match your words, oh, my soul.
Magtymguly, two glasses were enough to kill my sadness,
Yet, there was no desire to drink the third; I got rid of my true soul,
There are numerous contradictory thoughts in my head, and Satan is constantly inside me.
Let’s find a solution to this suffering, oh my people,
Even if Isa, Hydyr, and Ilyas kneel and try to heal,
My soul, that is almost dead, won’t recover and live again.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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