My Son My Azady – Magtymguly Pyragy

My Son—My Azady
Azady: Reveal your secret, don’t dare to hide it,
But, please, follow my advice, my son!
Hundreds of thoughts come to my mind every day,
Don’t break my heart, don’t make me suffer, my son!
Magtymguly: I am ashamed to reveal my secret,
But if you ask me, I’ll disclose it, my Azady!
Hundreds of thoughts come to my mind every day,
I wish to join you in a journey, my Azady!
Don’t suffer, ask the Almighty for your rescue,
Don’t dream of becoming either a khan, a beg or a sultan,
What God gave us should be enough,
Don’t be deceived; don’t go away, my son!
Never did we travel in six or five,
If we travel much with many peers,
Maybe then my sad heart will be pleased,
The joy will fill my soul, and won’t calm down, my Azady.
You have no experience, you are young, and you can’t go,
There would be sleepless nights, and storms on the way you’d not endure;
You won’t succeed in every work you’ve gotten yourself involved in,
Don’t try to leave me, my son!
The secret is not revealed if it is not shared;
A young man does not tell good from bad.
If you don’t let me go this time, my soul won’t be pleased.
Don’t make me change my mind; let me go, my Azady!
How dare you leave us in such a state?
This path is not a good one, the one you want to go,
I beg you my son, please, come, don’t go,
Don’t get into mischief and losses, my son!
I have a great desire to get to know Islam,
The people expect only money: tenge and dirhem.
Don’t make my soul sad, don’t beg me,
It is only once you are given a chance, please, let me go, my Azady!
You’d better always read the Quran; it will show you the right path,
Afghan people are cruel, but their belief is Islam,
The roads are full of villains, dissolute and wicked,
You might be killed, or get lost; don’t go, my son!
Let me test my fate today,
I will know whether my fortune prepared a good day for me,
If death comes in search of my soul,
It will find me wherever I am, even here, my Azady.
Where will you go with such a purpose?
What a deed is it that you insist on so much?
Tell me at last, who are you going with?
Don’t hide your eyes, sighing deeply, my son!
I am ready to become an aide for Yazyr Khan,
Poor man, his spirits will be high,
This is the seventh day that I have been reading the sura “Alham” from the Quran
Make my heart happy, let me go, Azady!
Azady says: let’s enjoy this life together,
Well, I will let you go, let you try your fate,
Stand up my son and say “Amen,” I will bless you,
Let God be your companion, my son, go then!
Magtymguly says: staying behind I lose a lot,
My dream calls me from afar,
Wherever you are ask God for my health,
Reading prayers beg Almighty to pardon me, my Azady!
Magtymguly Pyragy

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