My Gaze Falls on You – Magtymguly Pyragy

My Gaze Falls on You
Thanks to the blessings of the almighty God,
My gaze fell on my beloved,
Drinking wine at the winery,
My gaze fell only onto a man, who lost his mind with love.
Oh, with mihrab-like beautiful fragrant hair,
With a face sacred and attractive as a pulpit,
Oh, with rouge lips like diamonds,
My gaze sank in your beauty’s ocean.
Oh, with pure beautiful eyes,
Come and feel the wound in my heart,
Oh, you are the only one to heal my soul,
My gaze sank in your faith, my beauty.
Oh, with bewitching eyes resembling a deer,
With honey and sweets like words,
Oh, with the face like the sun and the moon,
My gaze sank into its light, my beauty.
People would live tending to dreams,
Servants would be pleased to serve you,
Resembling blossoming flower buds,
My gaze fell on the blossoming garden.
With every braid, resembling ears of wheat
Seeing myself as if I were a nightingale,
Oh, you are like a flower of paradise,
My gaze fell onto paradise itself.
You are the only remedy for this pain,
I wish I could suffer only for you,
Magtymguly will say, my dear,
My gaze fell on my beloved.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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