My Father – Magtymguly Pyragy

My Father
In the Year of the Fish, at the age of sixty five, on Nowruz Day,
The angel of death came and blocked the life path of my father,
This is the order of this world, that is true;
Death struck and cut the string of my father’s life.
He never wished for excessive wealth,
He was never fond of old joy and the fun of this world,
He never wore anything except old sack cloths,
His only wish was to have a place in the Afterlife.
He used to say: this world will not stay, no one is granted an eternal life,
Fasting during the day, spending nights awake,
He was free of doubts, the true believers are certain,
My father earned respect worthy of the Prophet’s support.
I won’t say anything purely based on a guess, unless I see it with my eyes,
He who truly believed will reach his goal,
My father’s tomb will not be unguarded,
Both angels and jinns will fulfill this job.
Sultans said three hundred saints were seen,
I caught sight of my father amongst forty pirs,
As I approached them he was amongst the seven prophets,
My father truly was one of the Abdals.
A person never stays in this world; only his fame remains after him.
The humankind of this world neglect these truths,
My father’s body lies in his grave in peace,
His home is Paradise, his soul is happy.
Magtymguly, you hide a secret in your soul,
If you find a worthy man, do not spare your efforts to serve him,
Whoever is a true friend of my father, will be granted
His worthy place in Paradise on the Day of Judgment.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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