My Beautiful Beloved Won’t Be Seen – Magtymguly Pyragy

My Beautiful Beloved Won’t Be Seen
Wake up, let me ask Gabriel,
What is the reason for my beautiful beloved not to be seen?
I am ready to come to your doors every day, begging you to let me in,
I promise – yet my zeal will not be noticed.
Fate has made its grindstones impatient,
Being distanced from its dignity, it was shamed by God,
Young men grew older, the elderly became young,
My candle was extinguished, my fire can’t be seen.
Envious men became brave, poor became kings,
Brave men became cowards, pirs forgot their religion,
Calls to prayer stopped, mosques closed,
Not a single deed will be hidden from the sight of God.
Magtymguly says, what kind of phenomenon is this,
All people are now “scholars,” and won’t listen to advice,
Disaster descended from the sky to the earth,
Jesus, Mati, Malik the Dragon won’t be seen.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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