Moon-Like – Magtymguly Pyragy

For me, you are a flower fairy
Your face resembles a fool bright moon.
Filling my astonished mind with haze,
With your embrace recalling a place in paradise.
The gardens are full of saffron,
The rivers and oceans turned into prairies,
My friends look at this transient world,
Reminding us of an abandoned place.
My beloved is a beauty of beauties,
Her beauty is no lesser than that of a fairy,
With her arrow-like eyelashes, and crescent-like eyebrows,
Resembling a bow with the other glance.
If only I could see her face,
If only I could speak with her,
If only I were free to go whenever she calls,
If only my mind would be strong enough to obey me.
Your beauty awakened me,
Cast a glance at the helpless man,
Talk to me, the madman, my love,
With your melody sounding so sweet.
Whenever lakes are full of swans,
Whenever people are blessed with prosperity and wonders,
Whenever deserts turn into blossoming gardens,
Even an Arabian camel will resemble a gracious deer.
We were ready to do everything,
But fate deceived us again,
Vanity of this transient world,
Resembles vicious hypocrisy.
Share with me the wishes of your soul,
And I will be ready to sacrifice my faith and precious life,
The abode of yours, my beautiful fairy
Resembles the sacred Kaaba mosque in Mecca.
Your beauty resembles a full moon,
Concealed by a veil,
Magtymguly, who lost his mind with love,
Resembles a crazy man wandering among his people.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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