Look At The Caravan, O Guide, All The Camels Are Lined Up Drunk By Rumi Balkhi

Look at the caravan, O guide, all the camels are lined up drunk
King drunk, teacher drunk, friend drunk, all else drunk
O Gardener, the musician’s thunder brought forth the cloud of the wine-bearer
Garden drunk, meadow drunk, rose drunk and thorn drunk
O revolving skies how many times upon this path are wayfarer
Dust drunk, water drunk, wind drunk, fire drunk
The visible is in such state, questioning the invisible yourself spare
Soul drunk, and mind drunk, imagination and thoughts drunk
I cry out and sing for Beloved; for the Beloved much I care
Voice drunk, and harp drunk, plectrum and strings drunk
The lone spiritual monk and the wise mendicant Sufi dare
Robes and gown tear, through the market place pass drunk
Each drunk in his own way, in the limits of his own share
O awake and observe how even every cloud is drunk.
Translated By: Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
September 17, 1998

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