Little Miss Six O’Clock By Edgar Albert Guest

Little Miss Six O’Clock

JUST at the edge of the night and the morning,
Little Miss Six O’clock comes to my bed,
A sweet little laugh is her musical warning
That day time is here and the night time is fled.
And I am so sleepy, and I am so weary,
I want to doze on for an hour or two more,
But Little Miss Six O’clock, bright-eyed and cheery,
Has come to announce that the sleep time is o’er.

Little Miss Six O’clock, that’s what I call her,
As brim full of fun as a rose is of dew;
And as sweet as a rose, only plumper and taller,
Comes to announce that the night time is through.
Smiles that are brighter than May sunbeams dancing
Already out there on the velvety lawn,
Over the counterpane bounding and prancing,
Little Miss Six O’clock heralds the morn.

‘Wake up, lazy daddy 1 wake up, it is day time!’
She shouts in my ear as she tickles my nose,
‘Wake up, lazy daddy! it’s morning and play time!’
Then she tickles my ribs with her little pink _toes.
For a minute or more I pretend to be sleeping,
Till over her face comes the trace of a pout,
And Little Miss Six O’clock shows signs of weeping,
Then ‘O, my goodness, is that you?’ I shout.

We bounce and we roll and bump and jump,
And under the covers I hide away,
And I pretend I ‘m an old tree stump
Out in the woods where the fairies play.
I’ve forgotten that I was a tired old dad
Who wanted to sleep, and I ‘m trouble free;
And every morning my heart is glad
When Little Miss Six O’clock comes to me.


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