Little Girls Are Best By Edgar Albert Guest

Little Girls Are Best

Little girls are mighty nice,
Take ’em any way they come;
They are always worth their price;
Life without ’em would be glum;
Run earth’s lists of treasures through,
Pile ’em high until they fall,
Gold an’ costly jewels, too-
Little girls are best of all.

Nothing equals ’em on earth!
I’m an old man an’ I know
Any little girl is worth
More than all the gold below;
Eyes o’ blue or brown or gray,
Raven hair or golden curls,
There’s no joy on earth to-day
Quite so fine as little girls.

Pudgy nose or freckled face,
Fairy-like or plain to see,
God has surely blessed the place
Where a little girl may be;
They’re the jewels of His crown
Dropped to earth from heaven above,
Like wee angel souls sent down
To remind us of His love.

God has made some lovely things-
Roses red an’ skies o’ blue,
Trees an’ babbling silver springs,
Gardens glistening with dew-
But take every gift to man,
Big an’ little, great an’ small,
Judge it on its merits, an’
Little girls are best of all!


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